Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Productive Programmer by Neal Ford

Title: The Productive Programmer by Neal Ford

Summary: The Productive Programmer has tips to make programmers efficient and effective. It includes tips for common tasks such as launching applications using shortcuts, finding the right text editor for coding purposes, finding quiet time for tasks, and other tips and suggestions.

Review: As a fan of the book The Pragmatic Programmer, I was looking forward to reading The Productive Programmer. The book is packed with tips to make the life of a software engineer easier. I read through the book several times and picked up some useful tips. One tip I was unaware of was the ability to set-up a launcher in Windows Vista to launch the applications I use on a daily basis
quickly and easily. Another tip was using Groovy to program applications with less code and more efficiency. My only complaint about the book is that he seems to be against IDEs for coding, but I understand his philosophy behind his views. When I started coding C, I only used a text editor in a Solaris 9 environment provided by my university. Other than that one downside, I think it is a great book for programmers to have on their shelves.

Disclosure: This book was provided to me as a review copy for O'reilly Books' Blogger Reviewer Program.

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